Wai Teck supply heavy hardwood structures frame for homes and resorts guest house .We use both hand crafted traditional
techniques to produce beautiful timber structures.

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WT Prefab Roof Trusses are engineered stuctural frames consisting of
timber chords and webs.These are fixed together using Multinail galvanised steel plates.
The trusses can be of long span(30M)and this will save in the need of
'Internal Load Bearing Walls'.The connectors or plates are designed to grip the timber more securely and to aid the transfer of forces across the finished joint.
The trusses are designs on the Multinail proprietory system software to support the roof and ceiling loads,construction live loads and wind loads.When these uniformly distributed loads are applied to the truss they are converted into axial and bending fores along the truss members.
The Multinail connector plates and ancillary items,including triple grips,truss boots and bracings are manufactured in Australia under International ISO9002 Standard.
The bottom chord of the prefabricated trusses can also be designed to take the ceiling load with camber being provided during design and fabrication.
The prefabricated trusses,even with long clear span,eliminates sagging that occurs normally with conventional designs.



Timber Products Range:
- Sun Deck (Outdoor)
- Wall Panel ,Ceilling Panel & Bamboo Ceilling
- Staircase Railing
- Roof Truss & Facia Board
- Columm

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