Wai Teck supply heavy hardwood structures frame for homes and resorts guest house .We use both hand crafted traditional
techniques to produce beautiful timber structures.

Timber Products Range:
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Malaysia Timber excudes an elegance and charm
all on its own beside being functionally malleable
and long lasting.Renowned for its enduring appeal,
Malaysia Timber uniquely enhances the
aesthetics of any room with its warmth and intrinsic
natural beauty.Beside its aesthetic appeal,hardwood
flooring also serves as an excellent insulator.





Malaysia values her forests for its significant socio-economic and environ mental functions.Buyers are assured that Malaysia timber products are manufactured from row materials sourced from sustainably managed forests.

Timber Products Range:
- Sun Deck (Outdoor)
- Wall Panel ,Ceilling Panel & Bamboo Ceilling
- Staircase Railing
- Roof Truss & Facia Board
- Columm

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No.80,Persiaran Rajawali,Taman Berkeley,
41150 Klang,Selangor,Malaysia.

Tel : 006 03-3343 3000

Fax: 006 03-3343 9000

Email : wtcsb@tm.net.my
Email : waiteck@yahoo.com

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